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6 Strategies to Increase Online Sales Immediately

So, your online shop is getting a lot of traffic but not enough sales? Running a successful online store takes some time, know-how, and effort. There are loads of strategies out there that you can easily try out to start boosting sales, but we’ve found some of the best out there.

1. Opt-Ins are King

Does your website have an opt-in feature? If not, now is the time to start developing one. Opt-ins usually turn leads into conversions, and gently encourage shoppers to take an action. Make sure your opt-in is eye-catching and that you offer your potential client something that they can’t refuse, and you’re golden!

2. Paid Ads Drive Results

Have you tried AdWords yet? What about Facebook ads? These are essential tools in your marketing arsenal that you can easily set-up and run yourself. Make sure you have a digital ad budget and that your imagery and copy get the message across. The great thing about paid online ads is the fact that you can stipulate targeted audience. If you know who your audience is or your best potential buyer, you can bet your bottom dollar that you’ll see some results.

3. Have Product Images that Pop

And a professional website for that matter. Your user design must be perfect and leave visitors clicking and staying for longer. Professional product images will be a great finishing touch for your brand. Not only will these elements impress your potential clients, but they will be more drawn to the brand and product.

4. A Streamlined Buyer’s Process is Essential

As mentioned earlier, your website should be professional and easy to navigate. This includes the buyer’s process. Avoid having too many fields and obstacles for buyers to jump through as you may find that this is the spot where you lose them. A streamlined buyer’s process is essential in making a sale quickly and effortlessly.

5. The More Payment Options the Better

There are loads of payment options out there, and not all your customers will be able to pay with credit card. You cannot assume anything and should give them as many options to choose from to ensure they can select a payment option that suits them best. If you don’t have a payment option that suits your customers, you may well lose them altogether.

6. Mobile for Buying on the Go

One cannot have an online shop with a site that is not responsive. This is uncalled for and if you do not have a mobile-friendly site, best to get it done as soon as possible. The majority of people access online shops and social media sites via their smart phones and other devices. This might be their first point of contact with your brand and if they can’t navigate or your site is not compatible with mobile, you’ll lose their interest.

Remember to engage your customers and utilize some creative ways of increasing your sales. Promotions are always great to grab potential buyers’ attention, as is copy that speaks to them. We trust that you’ll find your online sales to increase soon with the strategies we’ve discussed.

vv 360x270 - 5 Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Online Shop

5 Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Online Shop

Running an online shop can be stressful, and ensuring you attract enough as well as the right kind of traffic can easily be a full-time job. But, it doesn’t have to be! Ensuring you employ the right strategies to attract more traffic to your online shop is not a hard science and can be easily learnt.

With our top five tips you’ll be getting loads of traffic to leverage sales and your online shop will be booming in no-time!

1 – Sharing is Caring

Word of mouth remains the most powerful marketing tool, even in the tech age. You need to get your family and crew onboard to start sharing your content and sharing your shop far and wide. The more people share, the more people it would reach, and the more traffic your site will attract. Start with everyone you know and see how slowly but surely your traffic starts to increase.

2 – Keep Updated Lists

Whether you have a fan base on social media, or you pick up some traffic that stumbles onto your site only to drift off, keeping lists is important. Make sure you update the lists you have regularly and keep an eye out for any new details you can capture. The next step would be to contact these hits and attract them back to your site.

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3 – Crate Eye-catching CATs

Make sure you have some eye-catching call to actions on your ecommerce site. Whether visitors are prompted to complete a form, or subscribe to a newsletter, make sure there is something that catches their eye. Even though this might be a fail-safe tactic to gather email addresses, be sure to make the pop-up as little invasive as possible as some visitors might be put off by it altogether.

4 – Create Engaging Content

If your ecommerce site does not have one as of yet, it’s time you start a blog. Writing, publishing and distributing engaging content is key to attract people to your shop. Make sure you have a content marketing plan in place and that your content is distributed on all the relevant channels to reach your ideal customer.

5 – Run Promotions

Who doesn’t love a give-away or a freebie? Grab your ideal customer’s attention by running a promotion they cannot say no to. You can run paid ads on social to ensure you reach the ideal audience and gather likes and encourage people to visit your shop. Remember, you are trying to increase your traffic, so part of the promotion must involve the entrants to visit the site.

And there you have it! If you follow these five easy tips, you should see more and more traffic visiting your ecommerce site daily. Once you’ve mastered these, you’ll probably want to ensure the success of the shop and increase sales.

We wish you all the best in increasing traffic to your online shop!