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Balance Your Lifestyle with these 4 Greatest Tips

Running your own business is a stressful affair. Not only are you responsible for the success of your company and the salaries of your employees, but you also have to juggle that with a family life and still have time for yourself. Sometimes it may seem as if there aren’t enough hours in a day and that you have to compromise on something, somewhere.

No more! Make sure you live a healthy and balanced life that makes time for getting around to everything, even yourself. We’ve rounded up four great tips to get you started.

#1 Incorporate a Healthy Diet

A healthy diet will not only be beneficial to your body’s overall health, but also to your mind. Ensure your diet includes fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains and some protein for a healthier, stronger body and mind. Following a healthy diet will also ensure your risk for getting serious or chronic illnesses are decreased.

exercise - Balance Your Lifestyle with these 4 Greatest Tips

#2 Exercise Regularly

Who has the time for that, right? Well, if you want to make sure your body and mind is sharp to get through all the paperwork and phone calls and other duties of the day, you’ll make some time. Whether you get up a bit earlier or sneak in a workout during lunch time, it is very important to stick to an exercise plan. Experts reckon that exercising in the morning prepares us to deal with obstacles in the day and makes us happier in general.

#3 Cope with Stress

Stress can be detrimental to your business. Not only can it negatively impact your physical health, but it can create barriers between clients and employees. Stress influences the way in which we approach and perceive certain circumstances and should therefore be managed accordingly. Make sure you have a coping strategy at hand to ensure you are ready to deal with stress in the best possible way. Whether you need to take a time-out or practice some breathing exercises, find whatever works for you best and apply it in your day-to-day.

ex2 - Balance Your Lifestyle with these 4 Greatest Tips

#4 Get into Routine

Even though a lot of people dread routine and the mundane, following a routine is essential for any entrepreneur’s success. This will shape your day and you will be well-prepared for whatever you need to get done. This will also lead to better time management and create a sense of being in control of your day, no matter what.

#5 Make Time for Yourself

Do you find yourself still busy with phone calls till late at night? Stop doing that. You should always make some time for yourself and your loved ones. Not only is this good for the goose but it is good for the gander. You can relax and unwind, recuperate and give your body and mind the rest it needs after another tough day at work.

Even though your business is important, so is your health. It won’t be any good if you are ill or cannot run it due to poor health. Take care of yourself and the rest should fall into place.

vv 360x270 - 5 Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Online Shop

5 Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Online Shop

Running an online shop can be stressful, and ensuring you attract enough as well as the right kind of traffic can easily be a full-time job. But, it doesn’t have to be! Ensuring you employ the right strategies to attract more traffic to your online shop is not a hard science and can be easily learnt.

With our top five tips you’ll be getting loads of traffic to leverage sales and your online shop will be booming in no-time!

1 – Sharing is Caring

Word of mouth remains the most powerful marketing tool, even in the tech age. You need to get your family and crew onboard to start sharing your content and sharing your shop far and wide. The more people share, the more people it would reach, and the more traffic your site will attract. Start with everyone you know and see how slowly but surely your traffic starts to increase.

2 – Keep Updated Lists

Whether you have a fan base on social media, or you pick up some traffic that stumbles onto your site only to drift off, keeping lists is important. Make sure you update the lists you have regularly and keep an eye out for any new details you can capture. The next step would be to contact these hits and attract them back to your site.

vv1 - 5 Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Online Shop

3 – Crate Eye-catching CATs

Make sure you have some eye-catching call to actions on your ecommerce site. Whether visitors are prompted to complete a form, or subscribe to a newsletter, make sure there is something that catches their eye. Even though this might be a fail-safe tactic to gather email addresses, be sure to make the pop-up as little invasive as possible as some visitors might be put off by it altogether.

4 – Create Engaging Content

If your ecommerce site does not have one as of yet, it’s time you start a blog. Writing, publishing and distributing engaging content is key to attract people to your shop. Make sure you have a content marketing plan in place and that your content is distributed on all the relevant channels to reach your ideal customer.

5 – Run Promotions

Who doesn’t love a give-away or a freebie? Grab your ideal customer’s attention by running a promotion they cannot say no to. You can run paid ads on social to ensure you reach the ideal audience and gather likes and encourage people to visit your shop. Remember, you are trying to increase your traffic, so part of the promotion must involve the entrants to visit the site.

And there you have it! If you follow these five easy tips, you should see more and more traffic visiting your ecommerce site daily. Once you’ve mastered these, you’ll probably want to ensure the success of the shop and increase sales.

We wish you all the best in increasing traffic to your online shop!

img7 360x270 - 6 Essential Skills for Entrepreneurial Success

6 Essential Skills for Entrepreneurial Success

Being a successful entrepreneur is no easy feat. In fact, it takes a whole lot of dedication, hard work and sacrifice. While we have already discussed the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs, there are basic skills coupled with entrepreneurship too.

If you are thinking of starting your own business, it would be best if you get cracking and start sharpening your skillset. Here are some of the essential skills you’ll need to pull your new business through.

#1 Financial Savvy

You need to know how to work with finances. Not only how to spend money, but how to raise funds, sell your service or product, price your service or product, pay suppliers and employees, the works! Even though this might be difficult if you are not great with numbers, it is completely possible to learn. Even if you only learn the basics and hire a professional accountant later on, you’ll need to understand the books to be on top of things at all times.

#2 Time Management

As an entrepreneur, you’ll have very little time of your own. You’ll need to be a master at proper time management to ensure you get through your daily to-dos. This means balancing the responsibilities of running your own business and your home life, while making time for yourself to relax too. If you can master time management and get the most of the time you have in a day, you’ll do just fine.

#3 Get Things Done

This goes hand-in-hand with time management. Being productive is essential, but you’ll have to be able to identify when the best times for productivity is for you personally. Make a list of what you need to accomplish in the day, stick to it when you are in your zone, and get it done.

#4 Social Networking

Socializing and networking is a big part of being an entrepreneur. Some people are naturals at it, while the introverts might struggle a bit. Developing this skill is however important for your company’s success, as networking and socializing with potential investors and clients is paramount for the success of your business.

#5 Facing Failure

Nothing is going to be perfect. As Murphy’s law states, everything that can go wrong will go wrong. The key to facing any failures is to be prepared. While it can be difficult to cope with failing, as an entrepreneur you’ll need to have the confidence to dust yourself off and get right back to the drawing board.

#6 Coping with Stress

Being an entrepreneur is not a walk in the park. You will be facing loads of obstacles along the way which can be very trying and stressful. The difference between the successful entrepreneur and the one that failed? The former could cope with stress. If you don’t have a coping strategy, try exercise or meditation. Making time for yourself is important to unwind and remain calm, even in the face of adversity.

These skills are essential for your company’s success, and even though you may not possess some of them, you can still work on it. Entrepreneurship is nothing if it isn’t a learning school. Just remember to work hard and stay confident with your eyes on the prize. Need some inspiration to get you going? Read these inspirational quotes taken from Batman.

img6 360x270 - Do You Have What It Takes? Here are the Top 4 Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

Do You Have What It Takes? Here are the Top 4 Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

Either you have it or you don’t. Being an entrepreneur takes a lot of dedication and hard work, and only a few lucky ones get to make it to the top. Do you have what it takes to make your business flourish, or are you going to run it to the ground? You can avoid the latter if you start cultivating and nurturing the characteristics discussed below.

1. They Are Driven and Passionate

Any successful entrepreneur will tell you that it’s all about having drive and being passionate about what you do. No matter the number of times you fail, you get up and try again. Without failure, there can be success. If you can push through and believe in your vision, commit to it and you will soon reap the rewards.

img4 - Do You Have What It Takes? Here are the Top 4 Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

2. They Know Where They are Headed

To be a successful entrepreneur you need to have a vision. Start by mapping out how you envision your next five years will progress. Make a physical goal board if you have to. This will ensure you are reminded on a daily basis of your goals and dreams and that you remain focused on where you are headed no matter what.

3. They are Tenacious

A little perseverance can go a long way if you are an up and coming entrepreneur. Never give up on your dreams, continue to pursue them no matter the outcome. If you have a vision of owning your own successful business, being dedicated to achieving this is what will make it happen. Believe in your dream and believe in yourself without hesitation, and you’ll have the tenacity to keep going.

img5 - Do You Have What It Takes? Here are the Top 4 Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

4. They Have Integrity

Doing business requires building and nurturing relationships. The success of your company will rest on your ability to keep your word and build trust with prospective clients and founding members. Trust and honor goes hand in hand, and without integrity, you will have a hard time gaining the trust and love from people who work with and for you.

If you possess any of these top 4 traits, you can rest assured you’ll be able to succeed. If not, these are all traits that you can cultivate and work towards. If you doubt yourself and your abilities, focus on positive reinforcement and start believing that you can do it. Here’s another insightful article on things successful entrepreneurs do not tolerate.

We wish you all the best in your entrepreneurial endeavors.

img 360x270 - 4 Tips on How to Upskill Your Workforce

4 Tips on How to Upskill Your Workforce

Running a successful business can be quite stressful. Not only are you responsible of your workforce’s income, but also for their wellbeing and their success within your startup. Ensuring your workforce is happy and skilled to get the job done is crucial for the success of your company.

Here, we take a quick look at some of our tips on how to efficiently train your workforce.

#1 Give Your Employees More Time

Give them more time to train

Ensure you give all employees the time they need to complete their training. Even though this might be a bit more challenging when providing in-house training limited to a certain time, you also have the option to incorporate online training courses. This will allow your employees to complete and excel at their own pace.

Teach them how time can be ‘created’

Well, if you are unable to give your employees more time, have you thought about helping your employees manage their time? Time is a valuable resource for any company and time management is a very important skill to have. Imagine making more time out of nothing! Time when properly managed, can make your company exceptionally productive.

Adopt Technology & Improve Inefficient Processes

Save time on communication — If your company is still communicating using email then things need to change! Try switching to instant messaging services like Whatsapp, Slack or Discord. They make communication and collaboration easy. Your employees will thank you for it.

Also, did you know that procurement is an extremely tedious process which requires lots of manpower, supervision and communication. Procurement for new projects is much more troublesome! You have to spend time looking for suppliers, requesting for quotes so on and so forth. All these inefficient processes drain your workers and result in precious man-hours being lost!

Fret not! There is this industrial hardware store in town that aggregates all Business-to-Business(B2B) facing products with prices and properly documented product specifications. The company boasts to guarantee the lowest prices only and allows users to generate and compare quotations on demand. Perhaps you could consider giving their procurement service a try — here’s their website.

img2 - 4 Tips on How to Upskill Your Workforce

#2 Include Practical Training

No matter the material, most people prefer learning from experience than learning theory and applying it in the real world. When you include a practical training course, you allow your employees to get comfortable with the skill they need to master before having to apply it in their day-to-day.

#3 Mix Online and In-house Training

Online training allows workers to master the material at their own pace, while having a tutor provide in-house training adds value as well.Having someone go over the material with your workers will help them retain the information, while having time and access to review the work will ensure they get everything down to a t.

#4 Make Use of Learning Apps

There are loads of mobile training apps out there, and what better way to empower your employees than to afford them the opportunity to increase their skills at their own pace and at optimal times. Training via mobile app will ensure your workforce can complete courses at any time, and that you won’t have to make that much time for training during work hours.

img3 - 4 Tips on How to Upskill Your Workforce

With these top tips you should be able to ensure your employees can complete training efficiently and thoroughly. Remember, your company is only as strong and talented as the people behind its success. Training is an important factor to ensure your company remains fresh and competitive.

Not sure which training platforms are reliable? Here is an insightful list on top cloud-based platforms you can start using today.